Shipping to multiple addresses

To ship to multiple addresses you will first have to add more than one item to your cart. Then click 'Checkout' 

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Step 2 Shipping




 Each item will have a drop down menu, if you have the addresses in your address book they will show up here. Otherwise you will have to select 'ENTER A NEW ADDRESS' 

It will take you to your address book and after you enter the address it will take you back to the checkout. You may have to select 'SHIP TO MULTIPLE ADDRESSES' again and then select the new address in the drop down menu. You will then have to choose a shipping option for each address and then you will be able to finish the checkout process. 




We understand that the 'Ship to Multiple Addresses' in the checkout page is a little difficult at times, if after reading the directions above you still need help you can email the form below and we will help you.  

Please fill out the form completely.

In the 'Details' Section please put: 

  • Billing Address
  • Shipping Addresses + Items for each address

We will call you to give you an exact shipping quote and to get the payment information. 

Office hours are 8am - 5pm PST Monday - Friday

***This is not the required way for shipping to multiple addresses, you can still use the Checkout, this is just an alternative for if you find the option through checkout a little difficult. We want to make things simple and stress free for the Holiday Season***