- McFadden Corn Chowder Recipe

- McFadden Corned Beef and Cabbage Recipe

- Roasted Garlic Recipe

- McFadden Farm Best Way to Cook Chicken Recipe

- Wild Rice Salad with Dill Orange Pesto and Veggies Recipe

- Easy Flavorful New Year’s Black Eyed Peas Recipe

- McFadden Crab & Wine Fest Creamy Crab Bisque Recipe

- Garlic Chicken Recipe

- McFadden Wild Rice with Toasted Almonds and Dill Recipe

- Risotto with Zucchini Recipe

- McFadden Organic Herb Pizza Recipe

- John Cesano's Mushroom Risotto Recipe

- McFadden Farm Wild Rice Pancakes Recipe

- Cheatin’ Easy Crock Pot Vegan Mushroom Chili Recipe

- Guinness’s New York Burgers Recipe

- McFadden Farm Passport Cube Steak Recipe

- Som Tom (Papaya Salad) Recipe

- Wild Rice and Artichoke Salad Recipe

- McFadden Farm Summertime Burger

- McFadden Farm Easter Ham

- Sparkling Strawberry Sippers

- Crab Quesadilla

- Holiday Rice Stuffing

- Mediterranean Garlic Soup Recipe

- Mushroom Chili Recipe

- Shrimp Flat Bread

- McFadden Broccoli Soup Recipe

- McFadden Farm Chicken Stock Recipe

- Simple Beef Stew Recipe

- Pickled Peppers and Carrots Recipe

- Pesto Sauce Recipe

- Caesar Dressing Recipe

- Wild Rice Stuffing Recipe

McFadden Farm Family Recipes

Fresh Recipes from Our Farm to Your Table. Find delicious taste tested family farm recipes that include McFadden farm favorite products such as fresh garlic, organic herbs, organic herb blends and fresh bay leaf that are plucked fresh from our holiday wreaths. You'll find Guinness’s Famous New York Burgers Recipe, holiday favorites like our Easy Flavorful New Year’s Black Eyed Peas Recipe and every day meal staples such as the McFadden Farm Chicken Stock Recipe.

Have a recipe that includes McFadden Farm organic herbs, garlic braids, bay leaf wreaths, wine or natural wild rice? Email it to us at and we'll try it here at the farm and maybe even share it with all of our McFadden Farm customers!