Our Team


At McFadden Farm we have a dedicated team that work hard every day to bring you the finest selection of organic herbs, fresh wreaths, garlic, and wine -- along with excellent customer care. We consider our team to be part of the McFadden Farm Family; they are an essential part of our success and our long standing. We welcome you to meet our dedicated and honored team and to be a part of the McFadden Farm Family.


shana.jpgShana Estes is the office manager and has been working here since 2008. 


jose.jpgJose Medina
Jose Medina was only 20 years old in 1977 when he came to Potter Valley to work with his sister Lola's husband on McFadden Farm. Guinness had been farming organically for sevens years at that point. In 1992 Jose, or "Chaparro" as he's called around the farm, stepped up and took charge of the daily operations when his sister's family moved.

He owns acreage in downtown Potter Valley and is a respected leader in the county's agricultural community. Jose oversees very aspect of the farm, from making our bay leaf wreaths to braiding garlic to bring in our nearly 1,000 tons of grapes annually. He is dedicated to his extended family that works with him and enjoys having his youngest son, Ernesto working with him.         

beatrice.jpgBeatrice Medina
Beatrice Medina, Jose's wife, has worked here since 1987 making sure we get everything just so. She is the "Patrona"! She has raised three children: Erica, Raul, and Ernesto,  while working full time for McFadden Farm. Beatrice runs a picking crew during harvest, she is quality control and heads up our small but capable shipping crew at Christmas time, and runs an all women crew in the spring & summer in the vineyard.



tommy.jpgTommy McFadden
Tommy McFadden arrived at the farm in 1972 straight from New York City. The youngest of the McFadden children he joined his brother, Guinness in the dream to create a better life farming organic wine grapes. The two brothers worked side by side to plant the original vineyard. Tommy, or "Tomas", as he's called around the farm, keeps the tractors running and the barns standing. He is the new poster boy of the straw hat, "Shady Brady", made locally.



andrea.jpgAndrea Caldwell    
Andrea Caldwell came to Potter Valley in the fall of 2003 via Tennessee. Having grown up in Mission Viejo in Orange County she knew she wanted to get back to California. She took the job of Bookkeeper for McFadden Farm in 2003. The mother of Sam and Baylee and Josh....she's a busy woman. She'll answer the phone when you call the farm. Tell her something about yourself. She loves to chat.


benny.jpgBenjamin "Benny" Alvarez    
Benjamin "Benny" Alvarez started working here when he was 15 years old. He remembers when the current office was the bunk house. He is Jose's right hand man, a great trouble shooter and mechanic, Guinness says he's the smartest man he's ever met. He recently moved into the original brick farmhouse on McFadden Farm with his wife, Elena (Jose's sister) and their three children, Jessica, Maurizio, and Jennifer.



Chelolo is Beatrice's brother. He started work for us in 1996. He lives on Luke and Knox’s 2 acres property adjacent to the vineyard. He is our "Vincente Fernandez", constantly singing while he works. If you ever get a chance to visit us here on the farm you will find Chelolo with a smile on his face.


Joel, came to live and work with Jose, his father's first cousin, in 2002. Joel would like to find a nice girl and settle down in Potter Valley permanently. Doesn't he have a great smile?

sorro.jpgFortino "Zorro"    
Fortino "Zorro" began working for Guinness in 2000. He has since married Christina and they have three boys.



roman.jpgRoman "Don Fide"    
Roman "Don Fide" followed his brother Zorro to McFadden Farm a year later, in 2001. He is a great "Tio" to his three nephews and speaks Treki, a native dialect of Oaxaca, Mexico.