Organic Lamb Herbs

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Lamb lovers know how incredible a good lamb dish can be...whether the regal roasted leg, barbecued chops, braised and simmered shanks, the mystical and complex cassoulet, ground lamb in meat loaf, or a nice lamb sausage, lamb is special. Try this blend with any lamb dish.

Rub it on before barbecuing, sprinkle over before roasting and coating with mustard, toss with stew cuts before sauteing in butter or olive oil, mix with ground lamb before cooking, or stir into your favorite marinade before slipping in the meat. This blend will render a fine lamb dish a great and memorable lamb dish.

  • Organic Lamb Herbs ingredients : Black pepper, Garlic, Rosemary, Onion, Marjoram, Bay leaf
  • net wt 1.59 oz.
  • Certified Organic
  • Made in the U.S.A