Garlic Care + Use Instructions

Hang the braid preferably out of direct sunlight or over your stove (direct heat). Hang in a cool location in your kitchen for convenient access.
All of our Garlic Braids are made on the McFadden Farm located in Pottery Valley California. You'll find our Garlic is fresher, bigger, tastier and easier to use than what you typically find in your local supermarket. 
Garlic offers a wonderful taste, and seems to bring out the goodness and flavor of anything mixed with it. Garlic was originally braided to extend its useful life..and indeed it does. Our Garlic is picked in July and August, and will be useable until March or April.

History of Garlic
Garlic, the most perfect, quintessential herb, has been used by civilized man for centuries. It has been said that the degree to which a civilization advances is directly proportional to the amount of garlic it consumes.  Powers have been attributed to garlic, more and more of which are being sustained scientifically, some of which folklore, yet still widely a healing herb, a remedy, and elixir and antiseptic, a poultice, a diuretic, and in many more forms garlic has played an important part in man's progress throughout the centuries.