Garlic Braid - 16 Jumbo Bulbs

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Expected release is the First week in Augest

Fresh and natural, our Jumbo Garlic Braid generously features 16 of our jumbo garlic bulbs and makes an impressive culinary gift. McFadden Farm garlic products are seasonal, and are always sold fresh. Made from California late garlic, our garlic is harvested in July and is useable until March or April.

Each garlic swag is handcrafted and features a traditional braid generously using 16 jumbo garlic bulbs beautifully bundled together for a convenient way to display and use for your favorite recipes.

  • Approximately 20" long
  • 16 Jumbo Garlic Bulbs
  • McFadden Farm Recipe Booklet Included.
  • Garlic is fresh and natural but are NOT organic.
  • Garlic is shipped fresh - typically between July through April.



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